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Last Event: 2013-02-17 SWGT-Memorial and Ado Birthday Event 2013
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2012-02-04 18:20
SWGT-Reunion Race on 12th of February

2010-10-29 23:03
GT1 Championship: Phoenix oval race changed to Daytona!

2010-08-15 17:09
bmw race in mid ohio canceled

2010-08-06 00:49
Corrado De Luca Memorial Race on Monday

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Name Version Author Simulation   posted on
Adelaide HD texture update BariCZ GTR2  download 2010-06-14
Nordschleife v2.21 RC4 short inlap fix BariCZ GTR2  download 2010-01-02
High Quality Sparco steering wheel for Thome WTCC BMW E90 mod final BariCZ GTR2  download 2009-12-19
rFactor v1.2.5.5 Lite Installer rFactor  download 2009-12-13
Microsoft DirectX August/09 package GTR2  download 2009-12-07
GTR 2 Motec i2 Pro Beginners Guide GTR2  download 2009-08-26
Motec i2 v1.03 GTR2  download 2009-08-26
GTR2 Lobby Patch GTR2  download 2009-08-17
XD-Tool 2.1.4 GTR2  download 2009-05-07
GTR2 HD Track Textures by Culmone67 GTR2  download 2009-04-18
Realistic sky GTR2  download 2008-11-29
Setup Development spread-sheet from Race2Play GTR2  download 2008-11-03
Car paint and glass reflections v2.0 by BariCZ GTR2  download 2008-10-30
High quality Alpinestars gear for GTR2 by BariCZ GTR2  download 2008-10-10
2 HUD mod variations GTR2  download 2008-10-05
TTR Pit Chief Teddie mod 2.0 Teddie GTR2  download 2008-10-05
BASIC setup guide (multi-lingual) GTR2  download 2008-09-30
Blinding sun v1.2 GTR2  download 2008-09-30
DirectX 9.0c November 2007 pack GTR2  download 2008-09-30
Hamachi GTR2  download 2008-09-30
New exhaust flames GTR2  download 2008-09-30
New xenon lights GTR2  download 2008-09-30
PRO setup guide (en) GTR2  download 2008-09-30
The big smoke GTR2  download 2008-09-30